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This summary has been taken from the Hills website in 2008. It is a timeline of continued and sustained success and perhaps one of overarching ambition. To me the company really was far more than a profit source, it was a force for good improving people's lives and delivering what we always said, financial stability. My father firmly believed that he had founded a dynasty and I bought into that dream. I lived for the firm and put all my efforts into making it a success. It has taken more than a decade for the scars to heal sufficiently to be able to share this information.

There is no intent to malign anyone here or to break any one's copywrite - but if anyone feels offended I will be happy to change the copy. The company went through many changes and the ownership with it. The company as founded no longer exists, and I was not the final owner. I make these comments, in a sad reflection of the litigious nature of the world.  

David Hill 2021

1967 Hills Electrical Formed
Hills Electrical commenced trading as a partnership and took on its first electrician. Trading from the managing director Ben Hill's house the first contract was the loan of 2 men to Ratcliffe's and because the company only had one electrician Mr Hill "borrowed" one from another company.

1968 Hills Electrical becomes Limited
On the first of April 1968 Hills Electrical became Hills Electrical (Midlands) Ltd.
In its first year of trading as a limited company it was destined to turnover £67,000.
The company concentrated its activities on providing electrical services for industrial clients.
Major customers included Ratcliffe's at Great Bridge and A R Hancox.

1969 Hills Electrical Continues to Gain Ground
Hills Electrical acquired the shares of H F Marshall (Electric) Ltd on the January 31st 1969.
The company moved its headquarters to the premises previously occupied by Marshalls in Harden Road, Leamore in Walsall. The premises in Harden Road had a retail shop and this continued to trade.

1970 Hills Electrical Stabilises Position
With the intake of work exceeding the financial resources of the company Hills Electrical decided to stabilise its position and concentrate on serving its excellent customer base.

1971 Hills Electrical Back into Expansion
With new clients and a new thrust to expand Hills Electrical is back on the expansion trail.
"Never will I pull back from the challenge again" said Managing Director Ben Hill.
In July 1971 with average retail sales averaging £100 per month the shop was closed as being uneconomic.

1972 Hills Electrical Expands
With new staff being hired the turnover of the company leapt from the 1971 low of £48,000 to £103,000 in the year June 30th 1972. Profitability was up too to £2,600. In a year of note Hills won contracts from Walsall Corporation and W Cannings for the first time.

1973 Major Contract For Hills Electrical
Hills Electrical against fierce competition won the contract for the electrical installation at the proposed Walsall Civic Centre. The contract was destined to be worth in excess of £750,000.
The company now employed two Contracts Engineers in addition to Mr Hill. In a move to enable expansion, the company purchased a piece of land from Walsall Corporation in Leamore Lane, Walsall for £9,543.

1974 New Premises For Hills Electrical
With the Civic Centre Contract underway Hills Electrical also built their own new premises and moved in August. The whole project was accomplished without the appointment of a builder at minimum cost and successfully. Turnover was up to £211,000.
The move from Harden Road was accomplished and the old premises let to Lemenko.
New customers included Maycrete, Bliss Sand and Gravel, and BIP at Streetly.

1975 Another Major Contract for Hills
Turnover for the year to June 1975 leapt to £443,000. A major contract was won for the new Staffordshire Building Society Building in Wolverhampton.
Among other new contracts was the new Ambulance Station in Bloxwich Lane. New customers included Machinery Installations and Croft Contracts.

1976 Hills Electrical Gets New Employee
On the 1st of July 1976 the current group chief executive, David Hill joined Hills Electrical. He was 21 and had just graduated from Imperial College London and was about to change the world in under 3 weeks (but the world had other ideas).
On December 24th at 8.00pm a new Olivetti P6060 computer, the most advanced desk-top machine in the UK, was delivered. (Please note some poor person had to deliver this late on Christmas Eve!) Computerisation was about to hit Hills.

1977 Yet Another New Employee For Hills
John Bird, destined to become managing director, joined Hills from another contractor.
Computerisation brought fully accurate job costing for the first time.
New customers included the Richardsons and Gupwells. A major new contract was City of Hereford Abattoir.
John Bird, destined to become managing director, joined Hills from another contractor.

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