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1988 Hills Electrical Overheats
As orders poured in as never before, Hills had difficulty in meeting the level of demand. All contracts were fulfilled to time and successfully but not without huge efforts on the parts of all concerned.

New contracts included projects for Nurdin and Peacock, Takenaka, GEC at London Arena, Sainsbury, and Do it All.

Turnover to June 1988 was up to £5.9 million from only £2.94 in 1986.

1989 Hills Stabilise
The results of the high degree of expansion showed through in low profitability for the year to June 1989. Hills could not continue to expand at the rate of previous years and a conscious effort was made to restrain order intake to that which could be efficiently run.

New contracts were won for City of Coventry, Bloxwich Hospital, Do it All and for McDonalds. Marusawa was started as was the Crystal Leisure Centre.

A new reinforced emphasis was placed on safety. The year saw the name of the company changed to Hills Electrical plc to emphasise more effectively the size and stability of the company.

There was no change in the ownership of the company which remains a family owned company.

A three year registration process was completed with the registration of the HE logo as a registered service mark.

1990 Hills Steady
Hills new stabilisation policy achieved results and the management training programme began to bear fruit, with new Engineers being trained to take up the struggle. New contracts were won for new and existing clients.

In a new move Hills bought the assets of Weaver and Brettle from the receiver and commenced trading from Quarry Bank. The move did not generate any significant business and the location was phased out.

1991 Hills in the Recession
With large ongoing contracts Hills Electrical was able to withstand the first blasts of the recession better than most. New contracts were gained and business continued to expand.

In the outturn to June 1991 turnover improved marginally to £9.06 million. However with the recession continuing to decimate industry the company was hit not only by a continued deterioration in profit margins achievable but also by a series of bankruptcies.

Despite this, the company was in a far better position to face the future than most and entered 1992 with a determination to win. 1991 saw recognition of the management training undertaken by the company by a National Training Award and the gaining of BS5750, the quality assurance standard.

1992 The Company Mourns Mrs Hill
In January 1992 one of the founding directors, Mrs Phyllis Hill died.

A new computer system based on networked PC's was installed.

Turnover was raised to just in excess of £11m and profitability improved. Quite a remarkable result against a recession that decimated the industry.

1993 £6 Million Contract Won

A new Regional Centre was formed in Manchester, the first of many, working towards a nationwide network. Turnover was up again now to £13m. The largest ever contract was won for carrying out improvements to blocks of flats in Birmingham valued at £6m.

1994 Turnover Leaps
A new Regional Centre was formed in Dartford. Turnover leapt to an astonishing £21 million, a 63% growth in a year, and profitability hit all time highs.

1995 Founder Dies
Mr Ben Hill, the company founder, died suddenly in October 1995.

Turnover stabilised with a modest growth to £23m.

New contracts included projects for Nurdin and Peacock, Takenaka, GEC at London Arena, Sainsbury, and Do it All.

1996 Changes in Structure and More Growth
A holding company was formed to give a platform for future growth. Richard Mead was appointed non-Executive Director. New Regional Centres were formed in and Nottingham.

Turnover and profitability were up again. Hills Environmental, the building services division of Hills Electrical, was formed.

1997 Facing The Future - 30 Years in Business
A new regional centre was formed in Edinburgh. A major partnership at Gatwick Airport resulted in the formation of extended offices at Gatwick. Hills sponsored CIBSE lectures to commemorate their 30th anniversary.

Turnover and profitability rise again and Hills won M&E Contractor of the Year Award.

Continual investment in plant, equipment and the latest technologies, together with the training of our staff kept us at the forefront of our industry.

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