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Attingham Park

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Immediately after you drive over the River Severn Bridge you take a left turn and go through the entrance arch into the grounds and follow the rather imposing drive towards the main centre. On the Sunday in February when we visited lots of other people had the same idea. The National Trust does handle the parking and people management very well and there are no real delays or queuing. It costs about £14.00 a person to get in – but hardly anyone pays – they all seem to be National Trust members. There are some other payment options but cheap is not one of them. So once you have got past the nice friendly staff welcoming you – then you get into the courtyard area – with the usual gift shop, the cafes, the loos and the second hand book shop.  You pass through an arch into the parkland – which is why we came.

This is mid February and so there are snowdrops everywhere. Lets enjoy them for a second before we move on. The woodland walk leads on through the woodland areas with mature trees and streams. You come to a rather nice suspension bridge which leads you across the River Tern. The Tern feeds into the River Severn that we crossed on our way here. Some more glorious woodland brings you to the deer park. The deer all gather together at the end of the park – munching away all day.

Then we are on our way back and we recross the River Tern before passing the mansion on our way to a nice cup of tea and a bun. So if great English woodland with amazing specimen trees, drifts of snowdrops, small rivers and streams, deer in their winter coats together with great facilities and friendly people sounds good then you should definitely visit.

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