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Bill Gooodall

Bill Goodall -1914 – 2001- volunteered to fight for his country and was shot down over Holland on his way to bomb Germany. He spent almost two years in the famous 'Great Escape' Stalug Luft III Prisoner of War ('PoW') camp and he kept a diary.

Christmas Day 1941

The gloomiest Christmas Day I have ever spent. We were told that all personnel had to stand by on Christmas Day and that open post would cease at 2am. I hardly knew how to tell Louise in view of her journey here and all the arrangements she had made for us. However Louise insisted that we were to go to Auburn and off we went. She drove like the wind for two and a half hours so that we arrived at Auburn at 8.30pm.

First we had supper with Monk, Louise and their three children beside a huge Christmas tree laden with presents for all. Then we went out on a round of visits which was to have gone on all night until 5am when Alec, Charles and I were to have played Santa Claus to the children. Everything ended too quickly and we were back in camp about 2.30am.

I suppose the reason for confinement of everyone to camp was to have all the troops on alert against a possible Japanese invasion but surely that is a remote possibility in Georgia. We listened to the King's speech this morning and it increased my feeling of homesickness.

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