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Castell Y Bere

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Castelle Y Bere
Why you should  go to Casteth Y bere – or the Castle of The Buzzard.

It is a castle in central wales occupying an amazing site. The remote wild grandeur of its location make it a must visit for me. You visit an epic time of warrior princes, nobles, knights  peasants fighting amongst themselves and their wider enemies. It can become a focus for your imagination on those noble days. So what is it? Casteth Y Bere was built by a welsh prince Llywelyn the Great in between 1220 and 1230. Llewelyn by this point had risen by war rape and pillage , and alliances to be the main ruler in wales. He built this amazing place after he locked up his bastard son Gruffudd who was being a pain. He built this fortress on the lands that Gruffudd had held. There was going to no popular uprising with this monster overlooking the valley.

Prince Llywelyn died in 1240 and dynastic squabbling and battles began again. The castle protected it ‘s domain until it was seized by the English in 1283. The English decided it wasn’t worth defending after more battles and abandoned it in 1294.

Today Castell y Bere is as wild and remote as it was when Llywelyn came. It stretches along the summit of a massive rocky outcrop on the eastern side of the valley. The remote location makes it difficult to appreciate that this sprawling stronghold once controlled an important route running up from the coast northwards through the mountains towards Dolgellau It has been abandoned for over 700 years but such is its majesty that it still draws people to this day to enjoy it’s epic views and dream of it’s ancient past.
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