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Corryvreckan Whirlpool

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Corryvreckan and surrounding seas 3
Corryvreckan On A RIB

We went out to Corryvreckan on a 2 hour trip on a SeaFari RIB in June 2016. Corryvreckan is between Jura and Scarba islands. We set off from a village called Easdale with a group of school kids on a jolly.

The whirpools come and go and are not in one static place, despite rumours to the contrary. They do not suck down ships or men (or RIBS) but the water flows are really impressive.  The rumour that it is the 3rd largest whirlpool in the world is just rubbish, repeated from blog to blog. There is no hierarchy of whirlpools in the world and these just form and disappear rapidly.

Folk Tale

According to tradition the Corryvreckan, or Coire Bhreacain, Whirlpool is named after Norse King Breachan. The King had to prove his bravery in order to marry a princess of the isles.

Breachan anchored his boat in the whirlpool to prove his courage, using three ropes - one made from hemp, one from wool and one from virgins' hair. On the third day of anchorage, after the hemp and wool ropes had broken, the virgins' hair rope gave way and Breachan was drowned.

Legend states that the rope made from hair failed as one of the maidens had been unfaithful.

The Film

Trying to make a 2d image stand up against the reality is difficult. I hope that I have managed to capture the essence of the flows and the power. Enjoy!

I Know Where I'm Going 1945 Film Extract - In Corryvreckan

This is a short extract from the classic film - far more details are belpw the movie

I know where I'm going extract
I Know Where I'm Going

Powell and Pressburger made a love story set in the Hebrides in 1945 called "I Know Where I'm Going". It is now a cult classic. The climax of the film is the dash across the sea for our heroine to marry her intended. The weather is awful and the boat strays into the Corryveckran whirpools before returning to the start of the journey. Our heroine then finds true love in the arms of our hero. Brilliant - honestly!

If my summary is too short you can read all about the film on IMDB here

The full film is available as a torrent - just Google it.

The film spawned a 1994 documentary which is on youtube here

Anyway here is my extract showing the Corryvreckan sequence. The three people on the boat are the skipper and his boy who have been manipulated into taking the boat out on the fool's errand and our heroine.

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