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When I was a lot younger, in my teens, I took to writing some poetry. Even then I knew that most of it was not very good and never shared it with any one - not that any one would have read it anyway. Now 50 years later I've gone through it again and thrown away all the manuscripts. The poems that follow I think are not either awful or obsessive. They also have a merit in being so short. I think I made a good career choice in not becoming a poet!


Growing groan of voice in black speaks
Live short lives in hope of end
For eternity is hell
Sinking moan of one who has spoken fades


Green weeds beyond green lawn
In old people home garden
Green death beyond green life
That’s all.


End of pier at night
Swaying slightly
Clutches at rail
Gazes at mist and memory
And above the sea calls
Cool and deep
Whilst behind the bar is large
And filled with chatter
The future calls
The sea calls
A dead fish floats by
Gazing down and swaying
The sky is black
The future calls
But refer in future the sea is acquiescent


No neat mathematical answer
No answer
Just subjective stimuli
In a still room at night

On A Rocket Launched Star Ward With It’s Crew In Suspended Animation

Flame onward
Consummated dagger slicing life from void
In retrospect dense star point
Now sleek steel tipped with cordite arc

Time was…
Mind dead, crying out for dim time to be
Calling through dimensions to senseless spinning neutrons
Which dazzle wildly on unheeding
Continuing man’s forward press
the crescendo rockets roar
Whilst men sleep, sweet oblivions past
captured in the bidding prayer
Whilst earth precesses countless time s and peoples
rise and fall
The flame burns on towards the stars.


Spinning car which twisted toppled contains, coffin like, human configurations unfigured,
Stopped still in time so slight that only steel can spin striated,
Slithering car, curbward bent, crying with crushed contempt,
Crying Christward receive the christened who cannot reach reflexes with time enough to tremble,
A single wheel spins, then sirens scream sweet.

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