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Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas 1914-1953 was a Welsh poet of genius whose most famous work for Under Milk Wood. He had a great fondness for booze and self destruction nearly managing to make it to the age of 40.

Christmas Day 1933

Thank you for the cigarettes. The Christmas dinner over, and the memories of it - so far at least - more in the mouth than in the belly. I have ben sprawling in an armchair (yes, we possess one), smoking the first of your so very kind and unexpected presents...

My style this grey December evening...is as heavy as the brandied pudding now rising in revolt, deep in the chambers of the intestines, against too much four-and-sixpenny port and vegetables... My gifts are arrayed in front of me: a startlingly yellow tie and a peculiar pair of string gloves from my sister; a cigarette case from my brother-in-law; ten cigars from my father; 50 cigarettes from an uncle; 50 cigarettes from a young woman in Battersea, a knitted thing from the manageress of the hotel near my Little Theatre; the complete Blake from another uncle; a new edition of the Koran from a friend who writes music...two James Joyce pamphlets from myself, while outside hangs a neat but tight black hat from my mother, who has despaired for some time of the curves and angles of a decrepit trilby. That is all...

The wireless is continually re-iterating the fact that Christmas is here, but Christmas, for me, is nearly over. How many more Christmases will these old eyes be blessed to see approach and vanish? Who knows: one far-off day I may gather my children... around my spavined knee, tickle their chops and tell them of the miracle of Christ and the devastasting effect of too many nuts upon a young stomach.

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