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Glansevern Gardens

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The Script

As you walk through the gates into the garden at Glansevern you instantly know that the vibes are good.
Glansevern Hall Gardens are in central Wales. They run to 25 acres of sensuous beauty. Lets explore them for a while.

You are at once in the walled garden with separate rooms of exquisite planting divided by an arched walk of Akebia, the chocolate vine. You emerge into a central area with a statue of a wine bearing nymph. Then a gate leads you beyond the walled garden into a glen with it’s own grotto.

Exploring even further you arrive at a magnificent laburnum retreat. We wander out to an area near to the Greek revival house and through a wisteria clad walkway, where the fountain plays – here in slow mo.
Then we get to the feature that I always want to own – a sunken canal. This one needs a little TLC. But there is more – much more.

We come to the original installation – the moon in a box by an artist called Gemma Hughes. It is clever and jolly spooky. It overlooks this epic lake which just goes on and on. Festooned with lilys, and wildlife it leads to a walk with water trickling down streams and rills before arriving at the romantic arched bridge to take us further onward.
Finally we wander through fields until we reach the River Severn and its tributary where the gulls sweep across the landscape.

The entire garden is on a huge scale for a private family – but the fact that it is privately owned allows them  to interpret the landscape for their pleasure as well as ours. It is truly a magnificent garden. We will visit again and again and I would suggest that you should do the same.
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