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Husqvarna Ride On Mower

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This movie was shot on Saturday 14 April 2018.

This is the Husqvarna Rider 216 AWD. It has a v twin 656cc 12.8kw or 17hp engine with a 103cm or 41 inch cutting area.
The interesting features
  • First up are the manuals here – they are 9 of them 1000 or so pages – of which 30 are in English and of those 30 most are dire warnings
  • There are stickers everywhere with warnings as well.
  • It is orange – orange plastic and there is no choice
  • You don’t get a fuel gauge you look at the amount of petrol
  • The cup holder and the square hole don’t seem to fit anything
  • The seat is adjustable - with a spanner
  • And the engine lid – you open with a screw driver
  • Infotainment system -  there isn’t one

Doug Score
Doug De Muro is a car geek on the internet. He has devised a scoring system for cars - the Doug score. I thought it might be interesting to score the mower.

Weekend Category
Styling it’s OK so give it a 5
Acceleration doesn’t make 60 miles an hour so it gets zero 0
Handling is pretty good so it gets a 7
Cool factor is so s so it gets a 5
Importance doesn’t make it on to the radar so that’s a zero

Daily Category
Features and equipment – compared to a car it’s not goty much so it gets a 1
Luxury – it has a cup holder and that’s it so it gets a zero
Quality looks pretty good now so we’ll give it a 7
Practicality  - yes it is practical so it scores an 8 here
Value – it seemed expensive but compared to a car maybe not so – probably a 5

Add it all up and the DougScore is 38
So it’s actually better than some of the cars on Doug’s list – for instance the Isetta,the Yugo and the Trabant
You can find the list here
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