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The script

You join us as we are rolling down a Scottish  track trying to find a way to find Inchmurrin Island. It's a pretty well hidden secret but eventually we find the way So where is  Inchmurrin. It's in Loch Lomond. It’s the largest freshwater island in the UK but they’re only makes it about a mile and a half long.

Getting to the island proved somewhat troublesome. We thought this was the  ferry was coming to pick us up - but it turned out that this was a tourist cruise boat and they went away. Eventually the real ferry appeared prompted by a few phone calls from other people that were going to the island and we boarded and it took us across. It's only a short journey.

The first thing you see when you disembark it’s the pub and a rather nice restaurant but we decide to wander on. There is a single track that leads you up to the top of the island. You get to pass some sheep on the way and a cow. The views from the top of the island are dramatic. But there is nowhere to go but back again. The island claims to have a castle and the remains of a monastery but all they consist of is an arch on a mound as far as I can see. Will visiting change your life. Probably not but it is  rather a pleasant way to spend a morning enjoying the scenery, the walk and the rather nice food at the pub.
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