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Welcome to my website. It is eclectic and I hope intriguing, amusing and interesting.  I have been developing it slowly since about 2002 with great enthusiasm at times and large gaps of no activity when life took over. The great thing is that I can ignore Google page rank and over zealous copyright rules. I hope you enjoy.

Whats New

27/09/21 There were a few videos which were not hosted on Youtube and they were broken. Thety are now hosted on Gdrive and hence should now be fixed.
There is a new clip from the 1952 film Monley Business which is a real eye opener. You could not show this sequence today. It is here

12/09/21 The library section was getting very, very big and making the site difficult to maintain. So it has been moved to it's own website www.Elib.uk. which is a site which I own and operate. You can check it out here.

The library section has now has a massive overhaul. Now all of the vintage magazines, which range from classic copies Woman's Own to Punch, Lilliput to Fim Weekly are now all hosted on this site as Pdf's, with no limits in use.

I used to write some poetry in my teens. Here are a very few of the short poems I wrote which I think have some merit and are not to slit your wrists to.

07/05/21 For the 1st time in ages I've made 2 new videos

02/05/21 I have added a whole new section on my telecoms company Birchills Telecom and included a few of the fun videos we made

17/04/21 The website has has a massive overhaul to the biography section

Childhood Youth – Events, happening’s and memories of growing up in Walsall through to University and Work

Hills Electrical I spent 40 years trying to drive our company forward – there is so much that this is now subdivided further

Other Organisations – Other organisations I got involved with, their histories and the stories

Holidays And Travel – exceptional travel and the stories

Incidents – what interesting things happened

Hills Electrical

Hills Electrical I spent 40 years trying to drive our company forward – there is so much that this is now subdivided further

Timeline – The timeline that was published on the website in 2008 – updated

Memories of Work – What work was like, the technology, the times and incidents

Marketing – The newsletters and brochures

Premises – Recollections of the 16 properties Hills owned and traded from

It's been a while since I updated but the videos have still been coming out

It's 2019 and it's about time we had some new content - so here it is

We went to Wales in September 2018 - the videos that resulted are below
Thelwell is the cartoonist of the countryside - we have brought together a series of his best loved cartoons for you to enjoy.
They are all here

Aspley House London - The Guide


Coleton Fishacre - home of the Doyly Carte's and why you should visit - here
Impressions of Burgh Island - here
The flicking painter with Charles Hawtrey and Clive Dunn - A clip from 1961. It's hilarious and here
The Stihl Hedgetrimmer Is In Action here
I harvested my carrots grown in a pot - the result is here
We had a tree surgeon around on the 11th of June - the video is here

We went down to London for a long weekend at the start of August 2018 in the heatwave. There are 3 videos on this page from the trip
We went to Buckfast Abbey in June - a stunning place and another video here

It's been a few months since i updated this site - I've been busy producing videos on youtube
So we start with the 1st visit to The Black Isle and Inverness -
Then we went to Campbeltown - the A83 End To End VIdeo Is here (there is also the Outskirts of Campbeltwon video and the Campbeltown Rib to enjoy)

Now that spring has arrived  my thoughts turned to mowing lawns and I bought a new mower - the video with a drag race is here
I drove my Jag through a flood in spectacular slow mo - here
We visited Bodnant at Easter
And we made a final  journey to Consall Hall

23/03/2018 - I test out my pull up bar in slow mo - here.

We went to London on Saturday the 17th which resulted in
My video on the V&A Exhibition Ocean Liners Speed and Style - here
A dashcam video of the blizzard on the M6 - here
A run through the woods in the mud with ultra slomo - here
A summary of Storm Emma - here

The stars timelapse page has been updated with a 2014 video - here
Walsall To Birmingham In The Snow March 3 2018 - here
The Beast From The East Whimpers in Walsall Friday March 2 2018 - it's here
I empty the pond in fast mo

We explore Telford Shopping Mall here

03/02/2018 I've had the time to finally raid my store of old mags and upload them to Slideshare
So we have a complete copy of Woman's Realm from 1985 offering a stunning Spring dress for £12.99 - roll over Primark. You can read it all here.
Then we have another copy of Photoplay this time from 1975 starring Tommy - the film - well worth checking out here
Then we are going back to tyhe golden age of Hollywood with Garbo, Stanwyck, Bette Davis, Clark Gable and the others. The page with the mags is here.

22/1/2018 It's all been about the snow recently.
There is the 1st Blizzard of 2018 - January 21 2018 - and - After The Snow - January 22nd  Round The Woods - here
We also went round the large stores Xmas windows and this is the video.
Then there is - 2 days - 2 snow falls in the garden here
Snow round the woods in December 2017 - here
02/01/2018 I found an old copy of Punch from 1973 - cigarettes 30p for 20. A triumph of nostalgia awaits you here.
02/01/2018 It snowed quite heavily in December and the garden went from a dirty grey green to pristine white. Two videos resulted and they are here.

20/12/2017 Barr Beacon is the highest area between here and the Urals and so when it snowed I had to take the drone out. The resulting video is epic (well at least the music is) and it's here.
20/12/2017 They resurfaced Longwood Road at night in December - epic machinery sprayed out light, tarmac, smoke and noise. It's all here
19/12/2017 We have been going to look at Harrods' Christmas windows for the last 5 years - so I've put together a page of their windows for the last 5 years. It is here
I always try and take the kitchen sink with me on holiday - so just another unboxing then - here
19/12/2017 We went to Selfridges on Sunday the 10th of December. Catch the vibe with this video.

26/11/2017 I've just come across a piece I wrote about customer service and Toys R Us. You can check it out here
24/11/2017 Just a quick clip from a 1951 film Lady Godiva Rides Again AKA Bikini Babe - where they paint a horse white!
23/11/2017 Still testing out the blog and there is a new video review of Turner - The Legacy at Walsall Art Gallery - check it out here
20/11/2017 I've added a blog - the first posting is all about the House Of Fraser Sutton
13/11/2017 I've been busy again - 3 more videos for you to enjoy
I ran the original Severn Bridge - the views are epic - check it out here
We went to Oxford in search of the divine and found it but not at the Ashmolean - the Westgate video is here

9/11/2017 We went to Arisaig in Scotland for some days in October 2017. 10 videos are the result.
Check out the Isle of Rum - the mythic pleasure palace that is Kinloch Castle and the Rum Ferry are here
Skye - Island of Dreams - I ran Skye Bridge and filmed the Ferry - it's all here
Arisaig and Loch Morrar - we wandered around and explored - here are the videos
The travel on planes and cars to Scotland is very 21st century - the videos are here
There was a near death experience on the A82 when a maniac tried to ram us - watch how close it was here
Finally - the patterns that sheep make in timelapse

23/10/2017 The site has been upgraded to a secure site and now upgraded to Webx5 14
11/10/2017 We've been watcing a lot of 40's and 50's movies - here are 2 scenes from the 1947 movie The Brothers - weird doesn't begin to cover it. Check it out here.
30/09/2017 We exhibited at the Business Growth Show September 21 2017 - watch us struggle here
25/09/2017 We found the British Ironworks Centre just outside Oswestry on the A5 - a most peculiar place - my thoughts are here
4/09/2017 We went to London for a weekend and went to Regents Park - here are my impressions in the 2017 Regents Park video
29/08/2017 We've just finished a major refurbishment of our pond.  4 videos have resulted - they are on this page.
29/08/2017 I encountered cows trying to escape Sutton Park and directed the traffic. The video is the second one on  the page here
08/08/2017 Dogs of War roaming the woods near us, with an owner who thinks her mutts are nice and cuddly. Wrong. Watch the video here

08/08/2017 Don't chainsaw your thumb - my experiences when I cut my thumb with a chainsaw. The page is here.

08/07/2017 The page on the real 10 commandments had got lost - so now it has been revived again - here
21/06/2017 After a lot of work I have at last finished the Chartres Cathedral page with several videos and my full impressions running to nearly 3000 words. It doesn't get much more exhaustive or exhausting than this - check it out here.
But there is more - a whole page dedicated to the major video that I made. You can catch this major video here

17/6/2017 I've harvested my carrots. How many, how big?  All is revealed - check out the video here.

26/05/2017 Whilst in Scotland we travelled the length of the Ardamurchan peninsula - and jolly impressive it was. You can take the journey here
26/05/2017 We went to Scotland - again - and visited Eigg in the Hebrides - this is the journey from Mallaig To Eigg

13/05/2017 This is the 1st video that I've tried hosting with Flickr. The journey from Brixton to Herne Hill - here
02/05/2017 We went to Powis Castle Gardens and in spring they are great. Catch the video here.

25/04/2017 I made a video of our hotel room when we went to Chartres - because it was really special - it's here
25/04/2017 We went to Versailles in March - my impressions with a video, a slidshow and my commentary is here.

25/04/2017 We've been travelling again locally - this time to see Dorothy Clive Gardens again. They change and morph year on year - sometimes for the better sometimes for worse. This is my 2017 impressions video.

21/04/2017 I was given an old copy of the local rag from 1988 - so I scanned it and here it is
12/04/2017 We went to Chartres and to get there had to endure Paris CDG Airport - It reminded me a of a tune - so I put a video together - and it's here

14/02/2017 I've updated the magazine Library with a copy of Lilliput Magazine from 1945. It contained articles, cartoons and photos. Check out the girl from Madras - yes for the time it was outre. Here it is.
And on the same theme here is a copy of Boy's Own Magazine From July 1948 - different world - different times. It's here

13/02/2017 I have produced a major new video - The Shrine of The Magi - Origins and Significance You can see and I hope enjoy it here
19/01/2017 We kick off the new year's postings with some snow which happened on Friday the 13th of January 2017 - it didn't last long and the world didn't end but I enjoyed the blizzard for a while. The video is here

21/12/2016 Some great people in our Green Lane Office got together to sing some carols - check out their version of 12 Days Of Christmas here
18/12/21016 We had a great time in our Christmas outing to London and managed to bring back 5 videos, ranging from Santa's Storming Blackfriars Station to ultra expensive cocktail at the Mondrian hotel in London. Check all 5 videos out here.
15/11/2016 We've just come back from Cologne/Koln and they do love a great carnival - no one told us. The video is here

12/10/2017 I do like a good timelapse and we've got a couple here from our garden - Cutting the lawn in less than a minute and A Bonfire - check them out here

11/10/2017 There is a great clip here from the 1957 movie the Naked Truth - Peggy Mount must have her cuppa - laugh here
12/09/2017  We discovered a Serbian Orthodox Church in Bournville - it is an amazing place and here is the video
06/09/2017 The 1962 movie "Live Now Pay Later"  has a masterclass in the hard sell and here it is
06/09/2017 We paid and went around Chelsea Physic Garden - here are my impressions

4/09/2017 A tree surgeon popped up near us - the way he works, swaying with the tree is amazing catch the video here.
4/09/2017 Figs are great when you can harvest them yourself - join me as I try them here

16/02/2017 I've updated the magazine Library again with another copy of Lilliput Magazine from 1945.  Here it is.
And on the same theme here is a copy of Boy's Own Magazine From December 1948 - different world - different timees. It's here
7/11/2016 It's all been happening but not much time to share. But there are 2 new videos to share

12/06/2016 Corryvreckan Whirpools On A RIB - check it out here
25/04/2016 I know it's been a while since I last updated - but now the winters over (maybe) we took a trip up to Wick and stayed in Ackergill Tower. Watch the climb through the building here - can you see a ghost?

24/01/2016 We've got a full copy of the American Magazine TV World From December 1955 here
04/01/2016 In the 1st post of 2016 I bring you 5 full copies of Photoplay - the cinema magazine - all taken from cinema's golden age the 1950s. You can catch them here.
30/12/2015 Jayne Mansfield a blonde bombshell - brings in the milk - literally and provocatively in this clip from the Girl Can't Help It
30/12/2015 I have added a particular clip from Interstellar - the movie - here

20/12/2015 I was cycling through Sutton Park in the summer when some cows decided they owned the road. You can watch the video of what happened here
23/11/2015 The website has now been upgraded to be fully responsive. I think that is pretty wow. I hope you enjoy it

14/11/2015 I came across a copy of Family Circle magazine - a women's magazine from 1967. I scanned it in, in it's entirety and it's here.
No one now would eat the food they recommend. A fascinating time capsule.

26/7/2015 We went to the newly reopened Whitworth Gallery in Manchester- here are my impressions.

19/7/2015 The Oban to Mallaig journey in less than 2 minutes is here
16/7/2015 We stayed in Oban whilst we were in Scotland - here is a video of Images of Oban
We also went to the Nevis Mountain Range Resort and that was pretty wow. You can see a video of my impressions here
13/7/2015 We visited Fingals Cave on Staffa in Scotland - an amazing trip. The video is here

29/06/2015 More Hyperlapse in my very quick video review. Check it out here
29/06/2015 There is this new program called Microsoft Hyperlapse which does a brilliant job of stabilising speeded up videos. I re-edited the jogging through the woods video I posted on the 12th of June and you can now compare the 2 on the same page here.
24/06/2015 I've put together a people watching video - A Taxi Ride in London 2015 and it is here
16/06/2015 I've extended and improved the Skellig video within the original web page. You can catch it here
15/06/2015 We went to the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2015 on Saturday - here are my impressions of the exhibition in a video

12/06/2015 I've started a new jogging route around local woods. This video is a view speeded up 1000% as I went round. You can enjoy it here in just over 2 minutes

02/06/2015 Impressions of Kerry - a 2 minute movie is complete and it's here. Check it out.
1/06/2015 I've written up our trip to Skellig St Michael - a remote island off the Irish coast with a 6th century monastery perched at 200m - complete with video and slideshow. Here it is.
31/05/2015 We've just come back from Southern Ireland - exploring the Kerry Ring and Skellig. I came across some swans at Sneem and in slow mo with Julie London as the music I think they look great. You can see them here

15/05/15 I took a tumble to explore stop motion video - check it out here

14/5/2015 I have increased the library with 3 Picture Post Magazines from 1953. You can see them all from the main menu or you can see the 1st one - 17 January 1953 here
20/04/2015 We flew to Spain for a few days and there was this house in Estepona that had a pig in the garden - really. Watch the 20 second video here

20/03/2015 It was the day of the solar eclipse. Viewing conditions were perfect and the technology worked for me as well. So to view the timelapse click here.

10/03/2015 Whilst we were in London at the Royal Academy it appears that I may have left a video camera running in plain sight. The supposition has added credence because thye 2nd video on the page has just appeared showing what it was really like. You may be able to see it as the 2nd video on the page here.
08/03/2015 We went down to London to have a look at the Rubens exhibition at the RA but I decided to make a more general video. I am chuffed with the outcome.
It's called London in Spring and it's  here.

23/02/2015 I learn that my presence is deprecated by dog owners and their superior pets. See the video here.
22/02/2015 The nostalgia section of the website grows again with a copy of Illustrated London News from 1963. 44 pages from the bits of the 60's that didn't swing

22/02/2015 Another new timelapse video exploring the movement of stars as they progress across the February sky. Its here.
05/02/2015 I've put a new video up of the daily jog across the Beacon taken with a brushless gimbal and Gopro4. I'd like feedback. The video is the 3rd one on this page.
30/1/2015 Not wishing to be boring but the sunrise was quite epic this morning with the snow on the ground and the clouds scudding. It's on the same page as the other dawn timelapses here.

26/01/2015 I have added a new timelapse video taken with the Gopro over towards Sutton. It was pretty epic. Watch the videos here.
22/01/2015 The nostalgia magazines section grows with Ideal Home from September 1954. Fascinating insights into how you should run your home and your life. Yes Formica was really big. The entire 130+ pages are here for your nostalgia trip.

21/01/2015 I am building a nostalgia rich selection of magazines - the latest is an entire copy of Punch from January 1941. The war (the 2nd World War - of course) was at its height. The magazine shows British determination fortitude and humour in spades with a patina of nostalgia. And no I wasn't there.  The page with a streaming PDF is here.

20/1/2015 Another day, another timelapse. The dawn was awesome and I wanted to try out my new Gopro4. Check out the result speeded up 12,000% here.

18/01/2015 Here are 3 timelapse videos shot towards Sutton Coldfield TV transmission masts. Together they represent some 9,000 stills put together into 3 videos. The shooting lasted for several days. There is a lot of video that didn't make the cut. I have tried to keep it short and interesting. So check out day and night over Sutton Coldfield here.
14/01/2015 It snowed over night - here are 12 of the best images from Barr Beacon.
10/01/2015 I install Adobe Acrobat 11 (Standard) and lose the will to live more than another couple of hundred years or how to write user unfriendliness into software.

08/01/2015 Some very short clips from the film Gold with Roger Moore and Susannah York - in the bath and worse, much much worse destroying a real Rolls Royce - is nothing sacred. Find out here
06/01/2015 Here is a copy of Boys Own Paper from 1959 predicting (amongst lots of other great stuff) what the world will be like in 1980. Hint - atomic trains never happened. It's all here

02/01/2015 I've been playing with timelapse video. This video took 2 nights of shooting from our garden - watch out for the speeding moon. It's here
28/12/2014 I've added some more pages on my biography pages covering 2008 to the present in business - check them out on the biography drop down.

22/12/2014 I'm rather keen on my 2014 Christmas Card Video. It's a video interpretation of " For Unto Us A Child Is Born" from the Messiah by Handel.  Please check it out here.
18/12/2014 My largest project to date - 5 volumes of Miniature Photographer Magazine 1937-1941 reduced to interesting articles, adverts and covers. There is a whole section devoted to it here.
16/12/2014 I've just added a clip from Christmas In Connecticut a 1945 film which is both funny but also shows how attitudes have dramatically changed since then.  You can catch it here.
8/12/2014 Youtube didn't like a video of the day we went to London - it thinks the music is copyright - I think the copyright has expired.  So I'm hosting myself here.

4/12/2014 Tom Cruise made a film called Edge of Tomorrow - they closed Trafalgar Square for him and they spent days setting up. It must have looked pretty dramatic on the film musn't it. Well no - but check it out for yourself here.
I've been jogging for a while now and I wanted a video which actually reflected the route, the effort and the fun involved in the activity. So I made this video which is actually quite technically advanced. Check it out on the Barr Beacon Page here
Our new quadcopter has been up and around our Garden recently. I showed the 1st 30 seconds of it's flight, the views from the front garden and I tested how high it would go.   All the videos are here.
I have just created a page with a video homage to the lush semi tropical paradise that is Trebah in Cornwall.  It is here.

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