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Installing Adobe Acrobat 11

I wanted to install Acrobat 11. So I insert the optical media and click through all of the stages. It installs in a few minutes – all I have to do is to type in (with dashes) the 24 digit code.

It then says I must register. So I follow the link. The link says use your
Adobe Id.

So I look up my Adobe Id and type it in.

The system then says you must change your password and says it will email me a link.

I go to my email software and there is an email from Adobe. I click on the link and it takes me to a password change page.

I change my password.

Now I go back and type in my old Adobe userid and new password. It logs me in.

It now asks for the 24 digit code again and I type it in.

It now thanks me and I can now run the program.

I run the program and try to scan a document – which was the whole point of the exercise.

It beeps and says there are multiple scanners installed – you must choose 1.

I click the selection and it offers me the same scanner twice and another one – but not the scanner I want.

At this point the software announces it is out of date and I need to update it.

I click update – it whirs away and then announces that it has updated OK.

I now need to reboot my computer so that I can run the program.

However there is no point because it can’t see the ScanSnap scanner and is therefore useless.

20/1/2015 It's even worse than I thought. It installed loads of startup programs without asking. It continually asks if I want to take part in surveys. It installed as an add on in most of Microsoft Office including Outlook where it broke. The result is that Outlook continually nags me about a disabled add on and then tells me that to switch off the add on I need to run the add on removal tools that Acrobat should have provided but haven't. I am now doomed for all time to be nagged by Outlook.

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