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Isle of Gigha And Achamore Gardens

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Why go to Gigha and Achamore Gardens

If crowds, sun, sand sex and interesting STD’s are your thing then Gigha is not for you. If you like quiet, reflective beauty in remote places then this very definitely is.

So first up where is Gigha it's just off the coast of the Kintyre Peninsula before you get to Islay. It's owned by the community trust who bought in 2002. The population is slowly rising and now the population is in the mid 100’s. It is nearly 6 miles long and runs to nearly 3,500 acres.

We went there on a cloudy day in June 2018. Lets run the tape of the journey and the island

o get there you need to make it to the ferry port at a place called Tay In Loan. We pick up the action as we drive towards the ferry dock. This is where the Calmac ferry shuffles backwards and forwards every hour during the day. The crossing takes about 15 minutes. The Ferry takes about seven but 12 vehicles so it made sense to take our hire car across.

Once on the island you have a choice You can either turn left or right onto the only main road on the island which of the coin and turn left. Within a few seconds we are parking at Achamore Gardens.

They were developed over time most notably by Sir JamesHorlick of the malted drink fame who bought the island in 1944. Wandering around the gardens having paid at 6 pounds in the honesty box each there is vibrant growth of woodland loving plants which thrive.
The size and scope of the gardens clearly exceeds the ability of the islanders to maintain them to state of perfection. They do not suffer from over management and picture perfection.
Eventually you wander into a 2 acre walled garden which clearly wants was magnificent but now suffers from the same under resourcing The imperfection brings a certain bucolic charm and you will not suffer from overcrowding.

You climb steep and rickety steps steps to look at point with the views are serene calm contemplation

As we wander we come to Achamore house which is for sale at an asking price of £795,000. Thanks to the estate agents particulars we can have a look inside at the various rooms. I suspect that these photographs maybe somewhat old. Certainly, the for sale signs of faded and bramble covered. If you are rich and capricious and  like remoteness this might be your perfect place but that's quite a big ask.

Returning to the car we continue on the journey to southern tip of the island. After enjoying the scenery for a while we only One way to go north.

So we drive North passing the small church and beaches. On and on until we arrive at the mill the most tip well we can explore further.

But it's back for a cuppa tea and a cake at the local visitor centre before catching the ferry home..

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