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Jogging Bluebell Wood

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I've got increasingly fed up with the dogs on the Beacon so I decided to try out a new route. This is around the woods known variously as Cuckoos Nook/The Dingle/Bluebell Woods/Birch Wood - they are all bordered by Sutton Road, Longwood Road and Erdington Road.  Early in the morning they are empty.
It amounts to just over 2.5 miles (4.1Km)

Both videos are of the same day.
Video 1 is taken with a Gopro4,  using a brushless gimbal and then run through Microsoft Hyperlapse to stabilise it more.  Video 2 is taken with a Gopro4, using a brushless gimbal and then speeded up 1000% and then run through Prodenalin 1.0 to stabilise it more. The clear winner is video 1.

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