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Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams, 1926-88, was born in London, he made his London debut as Slightly in Peter Pan in 1952, and two years later played the Dauphin in a revival of George Bernard Shaw's St Joan in the West End. He later starred in comedies and in such revues as Share My Lettuce (1957), Pieces of Eight (1959), and One Over the Eight (1961). He became well known in such radio series as Round the Horne, and Stop Messing About, in which his affected style of speech and rich, punctilious enunciation, made him instantly recognizable. He made several films, appearing regularly in the Carry On series of comedies.

Christmas Day 1963

In the evening to Mags [Maggie Smith]. Same as last time. They gave me v. expensive presents & we had the film show & and I left about ir.3o. I had to walk all the way home from Kensington to Baker St. All my loathing of Christmas and Public Holidays poured over me during the walk home. All those groups of `merry people', windows open & awful noise of singing, and daft decorations everywhere & drunks and bad driving and just beneath the surface - the extreme rude bestiality.

I suppose my worst fault is the instinctive desire to run away from a mess. Instead of trying to do something about it. Run. Get away No hope of reform, I cry. Away from responsibility for work or people, away from commit-ment, away from affection, away from trouble - away from the community And all the time these stinking performances looming ahead of me.

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