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This section contains extracts and  publications that I think are interesting

Photoplay From The 1950's

We have 5 copies of the famous cinema fanzine from the 1950's

Family Circle magazine October 1967  
No one now would eat the food they recommend. A fascinating time capsule.

Illustrated London News August 17 1963
Another fascinating slice of history. It feels Victorian - not swinging sixties!

Ideal Home September 1954

Things were getting back to "normal" still after the war. The range of what you could get and do in your house if you were rich enough astounds me. It is fascinating to see which brands have survived and which not.

Punch January 15 1941

This copy is stamped Metro Goldwyn Mayer research department- the film makers. It is difficult to see just what they were researching.Punch was the universal humour magazine that did gentle satire and we assumed would go on forever.  But apparently not.
Enjoy the cartoons and the humour all of which are coloured by the ongoing war.

In 1959 they were looking forward to 1980 when doors and tipping would be obsolete. There would be atom powered trains, helicopters to commute on and double decker roads. They confidently predict that panoramic windows and roof, complete air conditioning and attention to passenger comfort will be normal items in the uncrowded trains of 1980. All of which goes to prove - the only thing that you can predict is that your predictions will be wrong.

Picture Post 1953

I bought some copies of Picture Post for 1953 out of interest and with the idea of placing them here. The paper is just smaller than A3 and is so thin that it will not go through a conventional paper feed. Eventually I hooked up an A3 scanner and over several nights persuaded it to work. I then scanned the magazines into an old version of Microsoft Publisher (the current one doesn't support scanning). I could then export to pdf, recognise the text and then upload to Slideshare. All of which is to say it was a pig to do and
completely disproportionate. . However this kind of task ceases to have any meaning and becomes an "I will do it if it kills me" task. You can see the results of the work here
Picture Post January 17 1953
Picture Post January 24 1953
Picture Post December 12 1953

Minature Camera Magazine 1937-1941

This is the 1st of the publications I wanted to share. There are 5 years of the magazine distilled for modern audiences.

There is a detailed introduction here.
Which years covers were the best? The award must go to 1938 - when they doubled the price and went for full colour- check out the 1938 gallery here. Having made the bold decision to go for colour why would you choose as the 1st full colour image a man playing the bagpipes?

The articles cover the gamut of photography. I think my favourite is "Lion Photography As A Hobby" The author Cleland Scott says "
it is as well to remember that, like cats, lions frequently unsheathe their claws with detrimental effect to the human skin ; moreover, a lion’s
mouth can contain with ease an arm
or hand. But to my mind they are the most fascinating of all animals at all ages, both to photograph and
to keep as pets."  I'm still not getting one for Christmas!

The adverts are in several galleries. The compass camera - smaller than a pack of 20 cigarettes and now massively sought after is advertised in this gallery

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