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Loch Lomond Sea Plane Flight

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The script

You join the video as we are driving down towards Cameron House which is where the Loch Lomond sea plane takes off from. They had a serious fire here a couple of years ago and the most obvious routes are still shut – so it is an intelligence test which we eventually pass because we tried all of the routes. The car pulls in and we  park.

So lets have a look at a map and see just where are. We zoom in from an aerial map of Scotland until we see into the jetty where we are going to fly from. No sign of an airport here. We hang around for a while watching the previous flight coming into land. I’ll just pop up a map of the route we are about to take – essentially we will  head pretty much due west until we run out of mainland – loop round a few times and then go back due east. At least that is the plan.

Then they refuel the plane from a barrel and make some last minute adjustments using a ladder. This is not sophisticated stuff. We stand on the pontoon whilst we have a safety briefing. It’s forbidden to film it so I don’t but given that we would have to open the doors in the case of an emergency I wouldn’t give much for our chances. Then we are in the doors are slammed and we are off. _________________________________________________________________________

The flight log records take off on the  17 May 2019 at 1845 BST.

The sea plane heads due north The plane heads Northwood up Loch Lomond passing Inchmurrin which is a privately owned island owned by the Scott family but you are welcome to pay the 5 pound ferry ride and wander its path's and enjoy the stunning view. The food at the pub on the island is pretty good as well. The plane swings pretty much due west passing over the nuclear submarine base at Faslane in in Gare Loch  before crossing Loch Long.

We fly onward across  and on to the wild and remote Cowal peninsula. Onward the plane tracks out over the Kyles of Bute – a narrow strip of water before passing over Tarbert – the narrowest point on the Kyntire peninsula... The Kyntire peninsula stretches down to Campbell Town in the south with the A83 hugging the coast all the way down. The A83 was famously the inspiration for the Beatles song – the long and winding road. Then we break free from the main land and the plane swoops in 3 large loops showing the inner Hebridean islands of Islay, Jura and Gigha – and many more islands silhouetted against the shimmering sea.

All too soon the plane turns for home and we pass over Tarbert again (479) We pass near the massive holiday village called Hunters Quay on the Cowal peninsula (480) We track onward until we are passing over Helensburgh again with famous Macintosh building Hill House shrouded in netting whilst it is restored. Then it’s over the famous Carrick Golf Course before we come in to settle down on the water of Loch Lomond again.

In all we have been airborne for 53 minutes reaching a maximum height of just over 4,000 feet and with a maximum speed of 165 knots We landed safely, had a glass of prosecco and with no more ado drove off into the evening sunlight. I hope this video has given you some idea of what to expect should you be brave enough to take flight.
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