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London Christmas 2016 The Videos

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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Is the irony intentional or subliminal even I don't know!

Xmas in London 2016

It's Santas Storm London For Fun

December 10 2016 - Blackfriars Station. This is an embed from Youtube because people can see it more easily.

Cocktails From The MiniBar At The Mondrian London

You have to have something special to enjoy these cocktails- money!

Timelapse Over The Thames, London December 2016

This is a timelapse over the Thames looking towards the City and St Pauls, facing the Embankment, Fleet Street, Royal Courts of Justice, and St Brides Church. The hotel we were staying in was the Mondrian on the south bank with a room on the 4th floor. It was early December 2016. I used an Huwaei tablet set on auto timelapse for the 3 sequences which compressed over 3 hours down to just over

The music is by Jai Lynn from her EP from Frostwire Creative released under the creative commons licence. It is a great track - thank you for it.  (Are you listening Google? - you should not play adverts across it)

Euston To Trafalgar Square In Just Over 1 Minute

The distance between Euston and Trafalgar Square is 1.5 miles. The 91 bus took half an hour to arrive and then we got off after 20 minutes when the traffic became grid locked near the square. We could easily have walked it in 20 minutes! Any how the video is fun.

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