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London In Spring 2015

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We went down to London for a wander around to see the Rubens exhibition and to catch the Spring. I hope you enjoy the video that resulted. In case you weren't old enough to catch it the 1st time around the music is Downtown by Petula Clark - and no it's not hosted by YouTube so they can't censor me.
There is a rumour and some signs saying you can't film inside the Royal Academy exhibitions. Well it's not true - you can (but they may not like it). The result is the 2nd video Rubens at the RA. This time it is hosted by YouTube and the music is by Montiverdi (who was a contemporary of Rubens). It's called
Amor che deggio far and performed by Performed by Greensboro Early Music, Oct. 14, 2011 under a creative commons licence. Thanks guys.

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