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Memories Of Work

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Memories of Work – What work was like, the technology, the times and incidents

Office Life – The Ledgers – how we kept the books back in the day

Office Life – Phones and typists and how we communicated

Office Life – Paying wages, handling cash, banks

Computers – our technology was always state of the art – what was it

The Xerox rip off - would you like a million pounds worth of photocopiers?

The Japanese Are  Coming – the Japanese tried to takeover UK construction – our involvement

The VAT Man Cometh - the madness that is VAT

Health and Safety – how Health and safety has changed and how they tried to make me  a criminal

Downfall – my account of how the dream turned to dust

Building Magazine – reported the end – here is their account

Aftermath - what happened after the end

Construction Humour - humour from the 1970's

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