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Packington Hall

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This is the main family home.  Lord and Lady Guernsey, members of the Ayeslford family have just taken over occupancy. The mansion dated originally from 1693 but was pretty much rebuilt in 1979 after a major fire. You can see that the Aylesford family have managed to hold on to their ancestral wealth rather well. There is no penny pinching here.

Of course the grounds were laid out by Capability Brown.  There seems to almost have been a law that all mansions in the 18th century in England were laid out by him. So  there always is  a lake, trees and fantastic naturalistic parkland. And that is what is here – but a mile away from the airports, train stations and motorway complexes.
As it stands what we have seen is imposing but as we drive out over the estate roads we see this building in front of us. It is the estate Church - St James’ Church is a red brick building with four domes topped by finials in neo-classical style, built to celebrate the return to sanity of King George III. The church does not belong to a parish — it is owned and immaculately maintained by the Aylesford family.

Now to have a huge mansion, a massive estate, a landscape garden and  a walled garden within the centre of England but to top it off with a gorgeous church is simply staggering.

If you get the chance do visit.

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