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There is a book which I have used for years as a reference document it is called “Soft Selling in A Hard World” (Soft Selling in a Hard World: Plain Talk on the Art of Persuasion by Jerry Vass (Author) "Selling is the highest paid profession in the world ...") If you go to Amazon to look at it you will find nothing but rave reviews. Published 10 years ago it is as relevant today as it was then.

Some of the key points that Jerry makes are:-

The soft sell in a nutshell
Don’t talk – listen
Don’t tell –ask
Don’t sell – solve
Don’t pitch – probe
Don’t leave - close

There are only 3 ways to make exceptional money:-
To work in a place no one wants to be
To perform work no one else wants to
To perform work no one else can do.

Features don’t sell - only benefits sell
There are only 4 benefits that sell power, prestige, profit, pleasure

The main thing your potential customer cares about is that you don’t die on his floor

Don’t say anything you can’t prove. Be able to prove everything you say

Yale University found the 12 most persuasive words in the English language are:-
You, money, save, new, results, easy, health, safety, love, discovery, proven, guarantee
Procter and Gamble added 2 more :- sex and free
I, me and we are not included

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