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Pugins Gem

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Pugins Gem
The year is 1841 and you are  John Talbot,  16th Earl Of Shrewsbury, 16th Earl Of Waterford, Lord High Steward of Ireland based in Alton and the greatest Catholic in the land. Queen Victoria has just  started  her long reign. Britain is the most powerful country the globe had ever seen.

So you hire Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, the greatest living devout Catholic to build you the most perfect church. He has just completed the church that was to be St Chads Cathedral in Birmingham. He has just completed your house in Alton. He designed the interior of the houses of parliament. Your motives are many but you wish to encourage the catholic faith by building a perfect church. And over 5 years Pugin does just that – magnificently so. So the question is now should you visit the church which is St Giles in Cheadle – known far and wide as Pugin’s Gem.

St Giles Church is near the centre of Cheadle and to get to it you cross the road and  approach the doors adorned with the Talbot arms lion. But they are locked. You go around the church until the real entrance appears and walk in. All is sumptuous ornament, with every ornament having significance and a depth of multiple meanings. This is a church based on a Christian vision overlaid with deep reverence based on a deep understanding of Christian ritual and history. We take a tour of the 14 stations of the cross, each identified and surrounded by ornament and stained glass. Then we look at the lady chapel and pulpit before stepping back to admire the Rood Screen with it’s painting called Doom high in the roof vault. Beyond the screen lies the chancel, the priests area. It is even more richly decorated evoking a spiritual vision of the middle ages in some fantasy of devout perfection. We see the Easter Sepulchre, the Sedilia and most magnificent of all the high altar.

This is a place of religious devotion with a deep spirituality laid in a jewel box of gothic extravagance only made possible by the vastly over performing Pugin. To keep the film down in length much has been omitted and there is much more for you to explore and enjoy at whatever level you seek.
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