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Queen Victoria

Victoria kept her diary from a young age into old age. It was eventually published after being heavily edited. Here is an extract from Christmas 1832 when she was 13

Christmas Eve 1832

After dinner...we then went into the drawing-room near the dining-room...There were two large round tables on which were placed two trees hung with lights and sugar ornaments. All the presents being placed round the trees... Mamma gave me a little lovely pink bag which she had worked with a little sachet likewise done by her; a beautiful little opal brooch and earrings, books, some lovely prints, a pink satin dress and a cloak lined with fur. Aunt Sophia gave me a dress which she worked herself, and Aunt Mary a pair of amethyst earrings...We then went to my room where I had arranged Mamma's table. I gave Mamma a white bag which I had worked, a collar and a steel chain for Flora; Aunt Sophia a pair of turquoise earrings; Lehzen (her governess) a little white and gold pincushion and a pin with two little gold hearts hanging to it... Mamma then took me up into my bedroom with all the ladies. There was my new toilet table with a white muslin cover over pink, and all my silver things standing on it with a fine new looking-glass. I stayed up until half past nine.

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