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Selling Edinburgh Office

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In the good times as the company expanded up we had built a rather special building in outskirts of Edinburgh in the shape of pyramid. When we had the official opening the local MP spent all his time explaining that this wasn’t actually Edinburgh but Loanhead which was really different. Since we called the premises Edinburgh – that was kind of embarrassing for all concerned.
SEC announced that they were going to leave and that the premises would then revert to me. They had actually moved everything out at that point I got a phone call 2 days before the date when they were due to vacate saying that "traveller’s caravans" had arrived on the car park. It was SEC’s duty to do something which they did – they got an emergency injunction moving them out and they duly left.

The day after SEC  left I got another phone call saying the "travellers" (I’m being polite here) were back. I had agreed with a former colleague, Martin to look after things locally and I gave him a call. We agreed that the best idea was to pay them off. So I put £300 in a jiffy bag and sent it up to Martin. He had a chat with the "travellers" and they agreed to go on the next day. Martin then handed over the money. Being cynical I assumed that on the morrow they would simply stay put but they didn’t – amazingly they left. Martin immediately arranged to surround the car park with containers.

Shortly afterwards I sold the  property sold to a company whose logo was a pyramid.

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