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I like going to Solihull. It is one of the few places around that you can actually still drive to and park easily. It is 24 miles from where I live but it is quicker to get to and park than Birmingham which is about 8 miles away.

So should you pay it a visit – well have a brief look around and see what you think.

Once you are parked you get to wander into House of Fraser and then into the shopping centre called Mell Square. It’s got the usual stores  WH Smith, Boots, , Marks and Spencer.

We’ll go for a quick wander into Marks and Spencer.

It’s all privately owned by a very rich evangelical local  Christian guy called Lord Edmiston. Then you get to walk down the high street with more chain shops.
The gem is Touchwood Court a shopping mall that opened in 2001 and houses the flagship John Lewis store. They famously decide to open here rather than the larger Birmingham City Centre.

It’s all about an enjoyable retail experience made more enjoyable by watching the well heeled people of Solihull spending their hard earned cash.

I hope you get to visit soon.
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