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Timelapse Eclipse

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There was a suprising crowd on Barr Beacon this morning (20 March 2015) as I jogged across. They were all awaiting with anticpation the last decent eclipse for 12 years. The weather was ideal for once - It was just a pity that totality wasn't expected.

Below is a timelapse taken with my Canon EOS camera on full manual. The solar eclipse was surprisingly difficult to film, not only because of the brightness of the sun but also because of the rate that it moved across the sky. It also caused problems with lens flare. It would have been nice to run the timelapse for longer but then the actual image of the sun would have been a dot. The other alternative would have been to track the sun and have the image centre of the image. However a) everyone else was doing that and b) I don't have the technology.

I used a big stopper 10 stop lens filter and another 2 stop filter in front of that. The lens was on full manual at about 200mm. Any longer and the timelapse would have been even shorter. The brightness of the sun fooled the automatice exposure and the autofocus so both were set on manual. You get a thousand frames shot at the rate of 1 every 2 seconds using an external timer device.

The tripod I used wasn't really up to the job, hence the vibration on movie as I approach the tripod.

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