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Timelapse GoPro4 January

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I gave myself a GoPro 4 Black for Christmas.  It is the most unintuitive piece of kit imaginable. To control it you need to use an app but to use the app you need to switch on Wi-Fi. To switch on Wi-Fi takes about 10 key presses on the shutter and on/off switch in the correct sequence. Then the Wi-Fi switches itself off as the recording proceeds. Awful. The video then records in 1Gb chunks which you then have to piece them together. The results seem OK though.

The 1st  video was shot over an hour and twenty minutes or so on the 20th of January 2015 and then corrected for fish eye and exposure speeded up 6,000 % and then another 200% to get it down to 40 seconds or so.
The music is by
http://youtube.com/CreatedByBrett  - thanks for sharing.

The 2nd video was shot on the 26th of January 2015 over about the same period. I have put different music with it and faded to white for a change.

The 3rd video was shot on 30th of January 2015 when it had snowed. Again different music and now no fade.

I'd be interested to know which you prefer.

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