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Tong Church

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The church is shrouded in scaffolding as it undergoes a million pound restoration.

When you go in the first thing you see is the Royal Coat of Arms – Dieu and Mon Droit  which translates as God and my right  that is god and my right to rule france – but more it  is saying there was to be no papacy here – the King is head of this church.

Then we move forward towards the altar – the tombs are clustered around this end of the church – the closer to the altar the more holiness for the tomb.

This is the tomb of Richard Vernon who died in 1517 and his wife Margaret.

This is the tomb of Sir Fulke de Pembrugge and his wife Isabel who actually set up the chantry college.
Then rather confusingly lets look at another Richard Vernon who died in 1451 with his wife Bendedicta de Ludlow
To lift the mood a little we find some old signs hidden away – I read one.

To finish this brief tour we’ll go into the Sanctuary and enjoy the 1902 east window which was created by a guy called Charles Kemp who was the go to stained glass man at the time with some 4000 churches showing his windows

So there it is – a huge amount of history, art and monument  to see and be moved by. Should you visit – absolutely yes.

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