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I went into the Toys R Us store in Oldbury some time ago intent on purchasing the latest console game that my son just had to have. The system was that you found a ticket which described the game you wanted and then took it to the till and queued. As ever the queue was prodigious. The credit card clearance were appalling.

Now you have to understand that I had been into Toys R Us on other occaisions and found their service to be crap. You were interrupting their routine of stacking shelves and ignoring you.

So I wasn't particularly surprised by the twenty minute wait that I had to endure to pay for this piece of card I had acquired. Eventually they agreed to debit my credit card with whatever absurdly high amount that they found to be appropriate.

We were then free to wander over to another counter and join another queue to get the game in question and then we could leave. Ten minutes later I had the game cartridge in my hand and was about to leave when the person serving me (and I use the word serving very loosely) said they had undercharged me and would I take this new bit of card and take it to the back of the queue again and pay an extra two pounds.

You have to understand that I am normally a kindly person who wanders around stores in the approved brain dead fashion. But the red mist descended and the volume went up and up. I demanded that the manager be found forthwith and indicated that in the interim I would tell the assembled multitude of the sins of Toys R Us at length and loud enough so that the entire store could hear.

The manager was eventually summoned and took the game to the front of the queue and paid with my money and I left the store in high dudgeon.

The result of this is that my family have banned me from ever entering a Toys R Us store again.

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